CDEarth new way of doing business

For too long you have been at the whim of what the large companies and corporations offer you when it comes to your software. They have gotten away with charging you such ludicrous fees like 350 dollars for a word processor, a spreadsheet program, and a few others included you may never even use. Frankly, that does not seem like a very good investment.

Now maybe this is a crazy idea, but we believe that software should be useful, easy to understand and most of all, affordable. That is one of the main ideals behind CDEarth. We have all sorts of quality software that you would want to use, but for a fraction of the cost.

Some people assume that there is a catch when it comes to offering quality software at a low price. People assume that the software must be of poor quality or that you only get a trial version that you can use for a few day and stops working. This is not true; the real reason that we are able to offer such amazing deals is because we decided to bypass all intermediaries.

Normally, the developers create the software, they charge a certain amount they need for both development costs and salaries, and this is fine if it spread out over a large number of customers. After all, if there are tons of people who are going to use this software, they can afford to make it cheaper and thus still make a profit.  But then those developers distribute their software to other channels, such as wholesalers and other retail outlets, these generally mark up the price, so they can make a profit, and then distribute it to other retail outlets. As we are sure you understand, if you deal with all these intermediaries, eventually the price is going to be raised exponentially because of the constant profit margins everyone wants to make off that original piece of software.That is why we said forget the intermediaries and retail outlets! This obviously saves us a great deal of money, and we process our savings back onto you. When you look at the quality software we have available and compare it what you might see elsewhere, you will notice you can save up to 80% off the store price for similar software products.

Our belief that everyone should enjoy quality software without being charged exorbitant prices has led us to creating CDEarth. You will find deals here that you are not going to find anywhere else on the internet and we are proud of that. Give us a chance today, there are no hidden fees, there is no loophole, you will never be forced to purchase anything you do not want. All we are looking for is a chance to show you that business can be done in such a way that it benefits both parties.

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